NTX2B - UHF Narrow Band FM Transmitter

Available for licence-exempt operation in the 433MHz (EU) and 458MHz (UK) bands, the NTX2B module combine effective screening with internal filtering to minimise spurious radiation and susceptibility thereby ensuring EMC compliance.



VCS First Rocket Launch near Lemoore, Ca

Amature radio project using Radiometrix M48-144-SHX1 tuned to 144.390 US HAM Band from LEMOS International.


LM048 - Bluetooth RS232 Cable Replacement

Data transfer made easy with the Worlds Smallest RS232 Bluetooth Adapter. Cable replacement or just the need for data transfer wirelessly this unit is ideal. The firmware inside our unit has the capabillites to be versatile fullfilling the industries various requierments the top switch will turn the unit from DTE to DCE. Standard range is up to 100mtrs as a Class 1 bluetooth chip comes as standard. The unit has FCC, CE and RTTE approval

Sale Price: $59.99 ea. + Shipping - While supplies last.


SFX2 - Compact High Power Transceiver

The SFX2 transceiver module offers a 500mW RF power output in the UK 458MHz band. This makes the SFX2 ideally suited to those low power applications where existing multi-channel narrow band devices like TR2M have insufficient range.

  • 458MHz and custom frequencies
  • 500mW Transmit Power
  • Fast switching, narrowband transceiver
  • Usable range over 5km


Featured Products

NTX0 27 MHz - Long Range Remote Control Transmitter

The 10kHz channel NBFM NTX0 transmitter operates on the licence exempt 27MHz SRD HF allocation. This module offer a low power, reliable data link in a Radiometrix SIL standard pin out and foot print.


NRX0 27 MHz - Long Range Remote Control Receiver

The 10kHz channel NBFM NRX0 receiver operates on the licence exempt 27MHz SRD HF allocation. This module offer a low power, reliable data link in a Radiometrix SIL standard pin out and foot print.


ETRX3587 - Our new more powerful ZigBee module 512K Flash & 64K RAM

The Telegesis ETRX3587 module is a low power ZigBee module, based on the latest Ember EM3587 ZigBee / IEEE802.15.4 solution from Silicon Laboratories.


UHF FM Code-Hopping Receiver Module -KRX2

KRX2 is a small PCB mounting UHF integrated receiver-decoder module that is ready-to-use with our UHF FM code-hopping transmitters for secure wireless remote control and keyless security systems.


UHF FM Code-Hopping Data Transmitter-KTX2

The KTX2 is a miniature PCB mounting code-hopping UHF radio transmitter suitable for use in secure remote keyless control applications at distances up to 75 metres in-building or 300 metres open ground.


UHF FM code hopping remote control keyfob transmitter -KFX2

The KFX2 is a UHF code hopping 5 button keyfob transmitter for use with the matching KDEC decoder or KRX-416-000-DIL decoder IC to provide a remote controlled link in excess of 100 metres over.



The LEMOS-LMX-WiFi module is a compact wireless transceiver that is capable of operation on IEEE 802.b/g/n networks. The LEMOS-LMX-WiFi module is supported by a 32-bit microcontroller running a scalable TCP/IP stack. This makes the LEMOS-LMX-WiFi a perfect fit for wireless embedded applications involving remote control and/or monitoring





Lemos International has launched a new line of affordable low-power 2.4GHz radios. The LMX-ISM-242 series of 2.4GHz data radios are available in DIP and SMD configurations. A long range version, the LMX-ISM-242-LR is also available.


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Parani-BCD Series, Embedded Bluetooth Class 1 and Class 2 OEM SMD/DIP Modules

The Parani-BCD series offers a low power embedded Bluetooth Class 1 and Bluetooth Class 2 OEM SMD/DIP module combining antenna for OEM manufactures who want to implement Bluetooth Class1 and Class 2 functionality with their products cost effectively and also in timely manner.



VHF NB FM High Power Transmitter: HX1-144.390-3

The special HX1 transmitter modules offer a 300mW RF output VHF data link in Radiometrix SIL standard pin-out and footprint. This makes the HX1 ideally suited to those low power applications where existing narrow band and wideband transmitters provide insufficient range.


144.390MHz, 144.800MHz, 145.175, 151.300MHz & 169MHz band
*Must have valid HAM License to purchase the HX1-143.XXX-X MHz units.


BiM2G / BiM3G 433 / 868MHz FM Data

The BIM2/3G data radio module is a PLL synthesiser based miniature PCB mounting UHF radio transceiver which enable the simple implementation of a wireless data link at up to 128 kbps at distances up to 75 metres in-building and 300 metres open ground.


433.92MHz, 434.42MHz, 868.30MHz & 869.85MHz


CLX2 19200 baud Modem

The CLX2 is a 19,200baud half-duplex serial radio modem module operating on licence-exempt European 433.05-434.79MHz SRD band. CLX2 is an intermediate level OEM radio modem which is in between a raw FSK radio module like BiM2G and a sophisticated OEM radio modem like RPM2A. It takes care of preamble, frame synchronisation and error checking.


433.92MHz & custom frequencies


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