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Bluetooth v4.1 low energy Module with IC Antenna - LM931

LM931 is a Bluetooth low energy module that runs its own host stack under the Bluetooth v4.1 specification.


  • Over-the Air Upgrade (OTAU) available
  • Firmware development support
  • IoT Applications Available (e.g: Cloud Sensor & Cloud Connector, Eddystone Beacon™, Serial Over GATT)
  • Fully integrated module with no additional components required
  • Small footprint

Bluetooth low energy Module v4.1 with IC Antenna – LM931

The LM931 Bluetooth low energy module is designed for use within embedded systems. It is implemented as a peripheral device within a product, while saving the developer valuable PCB space. The LM931 enables wireless communication with other nearby Bluetooth low energy devices (e.g. iOS and Android) using a highly power efficient connection. The transmission output power ranges from 0 dBm to 9 dBm and can be configured to provide an extended battery life or a longer communication range.

This single core standalone module combines a Bluetooth low energy radio using a Bluetooth v4.1 stack, plus a microcontroller with 512 kB EEPROM for running the application. The LM931 incorporates 27 pin outs including UART and I2C for interfacing with a wide range of peripheral devices like sensors. It’s SMT side and bottom pads allow for easy manufacture and placement into your product. Application firmware and configuration settings can be preloaded to the module before supply.

LM offer bespoke integration into your product by supporting your developer. We can also assist in the development of new applications for the module. IoT Applications such as Serial over GATT, iBeacon and Key Fob (with RGB LED Controller) are available with the module’s LM53X development kits. The firmware is customisable to meet your requirements.

Bluetooth low energy applications

The LM931 standalone module is capable of running your Bluetooth low energy application. Requiring no external hardware and supports a wide range of applications such as:

  • Alert tag
  • Automotive key fob
  • Beacon
  • Blood pressure sensor
  • Cycling speed and cadence sensor
  • Environment sensor
  • Health thermometer
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • Multifunction steering wheel
  • Security tag
  • Serial communication
  • Time client
  • Temperature and pressure
  • Weight scale


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