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Bluetooth Serial Adapter - Parani Industrial Bluetooth Access Point, Class 1, up to 28 connections

The Parani-MSP1000C is an Industrial Bluetooth Access Point that connects Bluetooth devices to 10/100 Base-T Ethernet network. Supporting point to multi-point connectivity to 28 points..

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.: Features :.

  • Connects Bluetooth devices to 10/100 base-T Ethernet.
  • Dual Ethernet Interface support
  • Supports Up to 3Mbps throughput
  • Ideal wireless solution for the replacement of the wired multi-port serial card.
  • 28 Bluetooth Connections support
  • Supports Bluetooth profiles for Serial Port, LAN Access, PAN, File Transfer and Dial up Networking.
  • Easy-to-use COM-Port redirector support
  • Flexible TCP/UDP host mode support: Multiple host connection/data transfer
  • System logging & port logging
  • Supports Python Script Engine for customization
  • Supports firmware upgrade via web, hyper terminal program or etc.
  • Supports surge protector
  • Supports RFC 2217, Telnet COM Port Control Protocol.

    .: Specifications :.

    CPUFreescale PowerQUICC MPC880
    DRAM64 MB
    Flash16 MB ( 2 MB of user programmable space )
    Ethernet InterfaceDual 10/100 Base-T Ethernet with RJ45 connector
    Supports Static IP and Dynamic IP address
    Bluetooth InterfaceBluetooth v2.0 + EDR
    Class 1
    Profiles - Serial Port, LAN Access, PAN, Dial up Networking, File Transfer
    Date Rate - up to 3Mbps

    Working distance
    DAT-G01R Antenna
    DAT-G01R Antenna
    DAT-G01R Antenna
    DAT-G01R Antenna
    DAT5-G01R Antenna
    DAT5-G01R Antenna
    PAT-G01R Antenna
    Stub(Dafault) Antenna
    DAT-G01R Antenna
    DAT5-G01R Antenna
    PAT-G01R Antenna
    DAT5-G01R Antenna
    PAT-G01R Antenna
    PAT-G01R Antenna
    up to 150m
    up to 200m
    up to 300m
    up to 500m
    up to 400m
    up to 600m
    up to 1000m
    Max. Tx power+17dBi(using DAT-G01R Antenna)
    Receive Sensitivity-88dBm
    Antenna gainDAT-G01R(Default) : +3dBi, DAT5-G01R : +5dBi, PAT-G01R : +9dBi
    Point to multi point connectivityUp to 28 connections
    Network ProtocolsIPv4, ICMP, ARP, TCP, HTTP, telnet, TFTP
    SCP/SFTP/FTP, syslog, NTP
    SNMP, SMTP, Dynamic DNS
    SecurityIP Filtering
    CF PortFlash memory
    LoggingSyslog server ,CF memory
    Real Time ClockSupport
    CustomizationPython Script engine, ELDK v4.0, 2MB internal user space
    ManagementWeb, Telnet, SSH, Serial Console
    FirmwareUpgrade using Telnet/SSH, Web, Bootp, Zmodem, TFTP
    Diagnostic LEDPOWER, STATUS, Ethernet0, Ethernet1
    Signal Strength, No of Connections
    Nominal Current Consumption : 1.2A@ 5VDC approximately
    EnvironmentalOperating temperature: 0'C to 50'C
    Storage temperature: -30'C to 85'C
    Humidity: 90% Non-condensing
    Physical propertiesDimension (LxWxH)
    • 203 x 170 x 44 (mm)
    • 7.99 x 6.69 x 1.73 ( in.)
    • MSP1000A : 1414g
    • MSP1000B : 1432g
    • MSP1000C : 1468g
    MTBF30.52 Years
    ApprovalFCC, CE, MIC, Telec
    SIG QDIDB013677
    Warranty3-year Limited Warranty


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