2 Watt Multi-channel VHF Transceiver: QPX1

2 Watt Multi-channel VHF Transceiver
Part Number: QPX1

FCC Part 90 Compliant QPX1 Transceiver

The QPX1 transceiver module offers a 2 watt RF output VHF radio link, in a robust aluminium extruded casing. This unit is ideally suited to applications where existing lower powered transceivers provide insufficient range. The QPX1 is a multi-channel, narrowband design, suitable for licensed and unlicensed VHF allocations, FCC part 90 operation, and the 2M amateur band. QPX1 is also know as QPX.


  • Conforms to ETSI EN 300 220-3 and EN 301 489-3 
  • High performance double superhet PLL synthesizer 
  • Data rates up to 5 kbps for standard module 
  • Usable range over 10km 
  • Feature-rich interface (RSSI, CD, analogue and digital baseband) 
  • Incorporate a 1200baud dumb modem 
  • Re-programmable via RS232 interface 
  • Amateur radio 
  • MURS units 
  • Industrial telemetry and telecommand 
  • High-end security systems 
  • APRS systems 
  • Vehicle data up/download 
  • ROV/machinery controls

MURS (Multi Use Radio Service)   0.1 - 2 Watts Unlicensed MURS Radio modules

FCC permits upto 2 Watts on Unlicensed MURS VHF band  which provides significantly longer operating range compared to 1W 900MHz Frequency Hopping modules.

   151.820 MHz
   151.880 MHz
   151.940 MHz
   154.570 MHz
   154.600 MHz

One of our customers observed up to 3 nautical miles range with 0.5Watts and upto 10 nautical miles with 2Watts radios.
FCC permits both Remote Control and Telemetry operation on MURS band.




SHX1 and QPX1 transceivers also have 1200 baud radio modem feature.

More details on MURS.




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