GPS Reference Oscillators GPS1300-10: GPS1300-10

GPS Reference Oscillators GPS1300-10
Part Number: GPS1300-10

10.000MHz high precision GPS disciplined Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator module type GPS1300-10-1000 measuring only (40 x 32.5 x 10.5)mm.

This oscillator has evolved from the former successful military design and will revolutionize the attainment of extreme precision timing signals for use in commercial applications. The accuracy is derived from the loop control discipline of a precision OCXO through the acquisition of of satellite GPS data providing near Caesium accuracy approaching 10-12, one thousandth part per billion, and at a fraction of the cost.

This product has been designed for use in Base Stations, Wireless Networks, System Synchronization systems, Instrumentation, Critical timing and Calibration applications and precision portable reference units.

Through the use of control algorithms the inherently accurate precision OCXO is further regulated towards the on-board satellite Caesium standard. In the event of the GPS signal being temporarily lost the module provides holdover though the internal OCXO which retains it previously acquired control settings until lock is reinstated.

Specific features include:

  • Package: smd (40 x 32.5 x 10.5)mm, (1.6 x 1.3 x 0.41)
  • 1pps LVCMOS: output 1
  • r.f. Sine wave 10.0MHz: output 2
  • Long term stability 1 x 10-12 ppm
  • Short term stability 1 x 10-11 ppm
  • Excellent phase noise
  • Low ageing

The company actively seeks partnerships with customers and suppliers to incorporate new parameters within the RFX design criteria and to ensure sufficient resources are made available to meet future technical and production requirements.


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