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Lemos International was founded in 1996. At that time, the wireless industry was undergoing a period of transition. While many of the wireless industry's efforts in the early 1990’s were geared toward military applications such as radar and avionics, the demand for nonmilitary wireless technology was growing in the commercial markets as well. The wireless industry began to see increased consumer interest in wireless services such as cellular telephone and paging services. Additionally, cutting edge wireless technology was being implemented in a wide range of established industries such as automotive, manufacturing, medical, and more.
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LM Technologies is a key enabler of both the Internet of Things (IoT) and cable-free integrator that designs, develops and manufactures innovative wireless products using world-leading technologies and standards, including Bluetooth®, WiFi™, Sigfox, Thread and Zigbee®. We incorporate these technologies within our Wireless Modules and Adapters, designing our own hardware, firmware and software applications, delivering solutions for industry. We provide solutions to global market leaders in Point of Sale, Automotive and Engineering, Banking, Computing, Vending, Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle, Home Automation, Location, Lighting and more. LM Technologies has offices in London, China and Hong Kong and are proud members of the Bluetooth SIG.
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Radiometrix offers a full line of Low Power Wireless Data Link modules including designer kits to simplify the transition to wireless. OEMs worldwide use Radiometrix VHF and UHF transmitters, receivers, transceivers and radio packet controllers in applications ranging from telemetry, remote control, RF modems and EPOS networking, to environmental monitoring and automotive electronics.
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SENA Technologies is a leading manufacturer of Device Server product line that includes external, embedded, wireless and industrial device servers and Industrial Bluetooth product line that includes Bluetooth serial adapters, Bluetooth serial modules and Bluetooth Access Points for device networking solution in the areas of IT/Telco, retail/POS, industrial automation, building automation, and medical automation. SENA markets its products through a global network of distributors and resellers, systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).
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RFX Limited - a unique company manufacturing unique products
From a modern high quality manufacturing facility based in Livingston, Scotland, the company produces innovative precision OCXO, TCXO, VCXO and PLL designs from 1MHz to 2.4GHz and GPS timing modules.
Excellent phase noise performance is achieved though the use of SC cut crystals and proprietary filter designs.

The company facility is approved to ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004, IPC J-STD-001, Investor in People and is RoHS compliant. In house shock and vibration test systems provide certification and conformance to environmental standards and to specific customer requirements.
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