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  • NiM1B-154.570-5



    The new Mini - MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) NiM1B-154.570-5-25-MURS is frequency programmable narrow band transceiver that offers a low power, reliable data link in a Lemos/Radiometrix transceiver standard pin out and footprint.



    • Conforms to EN 300 220-3 and EN 301 489-3 (10mW version only)
    • Compliant with FCC part 95 (MURS)
    • The Minimurs units are on the 154MHz spot frequencies
    • Other frequencies from 120MHz to 175MHz
    • Data rates up to 5kbps for standard module
    • Usable range over 1km
    • Fully screened
    • Low power requirements
    • These are 25KHz channel allocations
    • Feature-rich interface (true analogue and/or digital baseband)


    • Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS)
    • Industrial telemetry and telecommand
    • High-end security systems
    • Vehicle data up/download
    • ROV/machinery controls

    Technical Summary

    • Fully integrated sigma-delta PLL synthesizer based design
    • High stability TCXO reference
    • Data bit rate: 5kbps max.
    • Transmit power: +13dBm (20mW)
    • Image rejection: >70dB
    • Receiver sensitivity: -120dBm (for 12dB SINAD)
    • RSSI output with >50dBm range
    • Supply: 3.3V - 15V @ 30mA transmit, 18mA receive
    • Dimensions: 33 x 23 x 11mm (fully screened)

    Evaluation platforms: NBEK + BiM / SMX carrier

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