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  • PW1-928RF


    The PW1 - 928 RF transceiver module is designed for reliable bi - directional transfer of digital data over distances of over 300 feet in cluttered urban environments (over half a mile in true line of sight). Operating in the 902 to 928MHz frequency band, the module generates a nominal +7dBm into a 50 - ohm load and achieves an outstanding RX sensitivity of – 112dBm.


    The module uses the industry standard LoRa direct sequence chirp spreading protocol combined with a proprietary data structure to both simplify user implementation and to significantly improve packet transmission reliability. It has a Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) serial interface that can be directly connected to typical microcontrollers, RS-232 converters or USB adaptors. The module automatically handles all radio functions resulting in a true UART-to-antenna wireless link. Configuration setup is also accessed through the UART interface.


    • True asynchronous UART to a serial" solution
    • Direct sequence (chirp) spread spectrum
    • 9.6kbps user payload data rate
    • Uses highly robust augmented LoRa protocol
    • Low power standby and TX-from-standby modes
    • Adjustable output power
    • User programmable address and channel-group
    • 33.3-volt logic I/O
    • Digital RSSI (read via serial port)


    • Direct RS-232/485 wire replacement
    • Asset tracking
    • Automated meter reading
    • Industrial/home automation
    • Wireless sensors
    • Remote data logging
    • Fleet management
    • Traffic and display signs
    • Mass-transit communications
    • Oil and gas sensing
    • Long-range data links
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